Organic Celery and Chive Cheese

Organic Celery and Chive Cheese

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We have partnered with Working Cows Dairy to carry their certified organic cheeses. 

Award-winning farmstead cheese is flavored with a traditional Dutch blend of celery, celery leaf, chives, garlic, and onion. AKA as Griene Tsiis "Green Cheese". 
This cheese is made on their family’s dairy farm from the milk of grassfed cows who spend their entire lives grazing certified organic pastures.

Ingredients: Pasteurized USDA Organic grass-fed milk, culture, vegetable rennet, imported non-GMO celery, celery leaf, chive, garlic, and onion.

Aroma: Sharp, Lemony & Herbal
Texture: Semi-Firm. Creamy and melts smooth
Taste: Sharp, with bright citrus and lingering celery-chive flavors.
Pairs with: Ciders, Sours & Wheat Beers. Port, Sauvignon Blanc or sweet white wines like Viognier & Riesling.
Recipes: Great salad cheese, it is incredible with ripe tomatoes!



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