Grower's Choice Lettuce

Grower's Choice Lettuce

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Farm fresh salad delivered with your CSA everytime!

You may receive the following blends: 

Boston lettuce: A butter head lettuce with a delicate, mild flavor. Leaves are fresh and flexible with soft, buttery feel. The buttery, mild flavor of boston lettuce works well with creamy or sweet dressings, like poppy seed or blue cheese. Store Boston lettuce in the crisper or produce drawer of the refrigerator. Wash right before eating. 

Petite Blend: A hand-selected lettuce pack that may contain green or red cultivars of oak, gem, boston or leaf lettuce. Each variety has
a distinct yet complementary flavor, superior texture and vibrant color. Works great for wraps, sandwiches and side salads. 

Sweet Gem Lettuce: Small, crisp and sweet. It's flavor is often compared to romaine. 

Please note these are harvestable for our CSA members to purchase as add-ons for CSA deliveries October 18-22
You are free to purchase any time as a CSA member, just note that availability is subject to change week to week, especially produce. We will do our best to fulfill any orders bought as we can, but please try and buy during your CSA week. 

Check back frequently for updated harvest dates.



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