We're excited you're looking for more information about your composting program. Our aim is to provide a way for you to turn your unwanted food scraps into quality food! We'd love to have you as part of our community, and are happy to answer any questions you might have. If you don't see something answered here please feel free to contact us.


What can I compost?

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Why compost? The Dirt on Composting

Food waste in landfills does not biodegrade at a reasonable rate due to the lack of oxygen. Experts forecast that we have 20, maybe 30, years of decent soil. Our mission is to increase bio diversity, soil, local farm relationships, and improve the overall health of our environment. Food scraps can account for up to 30% of a families waste. We're happy to take this from you and replace it with fresh food while creating stronger local sustainable systems.

By composting your food scraps, these organic materials become nutrients, not pollutants. Join our Huntsville Composting program today and help save the world.

When are my items and buckets delivered?

As part of your service you'll receive a bucket each week in accordance to our zone map. This bucket will be cleaned when it's delivered to you, and we'll take your full bucket back with us! Additionally we'll drop off any food items you've ordered at that time. We do ask that you're home to receive frozen food items, and we will knock on your door when we drop them off! We also use a smart tracking system that will notify you via email and text regarding all deliveries!

What's with the bag inserts?

We've created a unique partnership with a company (Mogalixe) that is on an incredible mission. That mission is to create a full line of 100% compostable products completely made from plants. These items compost in under a year, and we're able to use their 8 gallon bags inside of our buckets. When we pick up we take this bag out, and fully compost the bag and the items inside. These products are amazing, they reduce waste, work very well for transporting food scraps, and are a sustainable and renewable based product that we're proud to use. This also helps us keep the buckets cleaner and help us haul food scraps easier! If you'd like to learn more you can see the full line of products from Mogalixe that we carry on our Farm Shop page.

Perks/Loyalty Program 

We give back to those generous enough to give us their food scraps. Our bucket credit system allows program participants to redeem earned credits for fresh eggs, seasonal produce and other earth conscious items in our farm store.

We value local and are proud to provide food back to the community for their compost! Each week that you're subscribed to the program you receive farm store credits (roughly $2.50 worth of farm store credit). You're able to turn these credits into food, which we'll deliver directly to your door or that you can pick up from our farm.

Do Credits Expire?

Yes. Because we're a small farm we have to balance the burden of a back log of credits and what that could do to our inventory and selection. We ask our members to please redeem credits within 6 months of earning them, or they will begin expiring and rolling off your balance.

Skip/Cancelled Deliveries?

Skip a pickup anytime that’s convenient for you, we’ll grab bucket next week! You are also free to cancel the service any time - but we do ask for our buckets back!



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