About Us

Our family moved to Huntsville in 2013. We've always been foodies and have long had a passion for regenerative agriculture. When our children were born we started really caring about where we sourced our food, and the products and methods that went into making it. We started creating food and eventually had an abundance. Through the years we developed a loyal following of like-minded individuals and turned that into a local CSA program via www.huntsvillefarm.com - a program we're proud of and that services hundreds of people in the Huntsville area!

The farm was Huntsville's very first permaculture-based farm and had the intent and purpose to create a learning environment for those who visit and to grow quality products to supply our customers. We believe in and actively practice using no synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or anything that could be deemed harmful in the production of the food on our farm.

Through that journey, and beautiful documentaries like "Kiss The Ground", we became more and more enamored with the idea of rich, healthy soil, and being able to see first hand the value that creates on our farm. We are also passionate about saving our oceans, our air, and preserving as much of of our top soil, forests, and land for future generations.

Taking food waste and turning it into beautiful clean food, while preserving our environment and lessening our impact, is one of our great passions.


In 2017, we started an egg delivery program and by 2018 we launched our first CSA program which delivered food directly to customers from our farm.

We've been deeply moved and inspired by documentaries like “Kiss the ground” and others that talk about the benefit of healthy soil and the fact that we must work to sequester carbon to support our environment. We've seen these practices used on our farm, and the amazing impact they've had on local wildlife and our environment. Our passion for clean soil, and community lead us to open www.huntsvillecompost.com in the winter of 2020.

Food Waste Collection

In December 2020 we launched Huntsville Compost,  a residential and commercial food waste collection service covering not just our current CSA customers, but the surrounding Huntsville area. Click here to see our Residential map. Our front-porch compost pick up service is the most convenient way to make sure your food scraps turn into rich beautiful soil instead of going into a landfill. Together, we close the loop in our food systems by turning former waste into future nutrients,  working towards a better planet for everyone, while rewarding our members with fresh and clean food!




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