Each week we will pick up your food scraps from our easy to use, no smell, compost bucket!

You earn farm credits you can turn into real food - delivered right to your door!

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For $35.99/month, you can help us save the world.

Food scraps accounts for nearly 30% of the waste put out by most homes. Currently, this goes into landfills and causes issues ranging from increasing global warming, to poisoned groundwater.

Each week we'll come pick up the lining from your bucket, our fully compostable plastic bag, we'll also swap your bucket out if needed, and give it a quick clean. You'll earn credit each week that you're part of our program, and can redeem that credit on our farm store - essentially turning your waste into farm fresh food - all while helping save the world!

We're proud to take your scraps and turn those scraps into fresh food that you can claim on our farm store. Each month you're part of our program, you'll receive a credit (rewarding you for your food scraps!) that's redeemable at our farm shop.

For a helpful chart of what we compost and don't, please visit our FAQ.

How It Works

Fill Your Bin
Put It Outside
We Pick It Up
Get Free Farm Food

Our Farm CSA

Community Supported Agriculture

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a program that creates a relationship between our farm, our local partners farms and you. Through this program, you will receive a package of local, farm-fresh food that is delivered to your porch on a bi-weekly basis. We strive to create the cleanest food possible. Food that is produced using natural, regenerative growing practices without the use of chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, herbicides, or hormones.



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